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DIY Expense Tracker only has 1 plan available, and all features are available for that plan.


You can also purchase direct time with a bookkeeper from Learn Bookkeeping Canada by clicking on the the link “Ask a Bookkeeper” below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all the details on DIY and how it applies to you.

How easy is it to use?

As with any program, there is a learning curve.  However, we built it to be as easy as possible.  Once you setup your account, you can watch the videos on the support page to get started.

Will my tax person accept these reports?

Yes!  This program was built by Canadian tax and bookkeepers to make it the easiest possible!  We know that customers can get caught up in the drama of accounting software and we know how confusing it can feel on your end.  Even if you make errors on input, it is easy for your tax person to fix.

What type of company can use this?

We cater to the one-man show, the solopreneur or a very small business.  We know how the business demands can be confusing and we aim to be simple and easy.  You can use this whether you are incorporated or just a sole proprietor.

How To Get Started With it?

Setup your free account.  You will then receive a video a day to help you getting started using DIY.  Want it faster?  No problem!  Just go to our support page.

What advantage is using DIY?

DIY is built to be easy, but the BIGGEST advantage you will see (besides your sanity) is saving money!  The receipts have to be sorted and inputted, and it is (hands down) the longest piece of bookkeeping. Entering your own information allows your tax person to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Can I download transactions from my bank?

At this time, DIY does not download bank transactions.  Although that is nice and easy, we also find that once we do that, some of the pieces that are “must do” item can fall off the rails!  When people use automation, errors can happen. Automation has some very useful pieces to it!  But….it can also cause errors.  If you just want the “simplest and easiest” solution, then entering it yourself is the way to go to eliminate errors.

Still have questions?

"I was surprised how much time I saved by doing my receipts once a week."

– Minesha G.