Find out all the simple & easy features available for solopreneurs.

Income and Expenses

DIY Expense Tracker keeps all your income and expenses in one place. Easily track both items, and run a report to show you how much money you are making. Excellent to keep track of expenses on an ongoing basis, without having to wait for your tax preparer to tell you how much you made.


All the reports are simple and easy to read.  They will show you a list of all your income and expenses. They are easily exported in order to give to your bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer. Compare this to your bank statement and make sure you don’t miss a single expense! The reports can also be used to prepare a GST / HST reporting to Canada Revenue Agency.

Important-to-You Features

We put in the features that are most important to a small business!  They include:

  • checking to make sure your bank balance is the same
  • double check to make sure you aren’t missing expenses
  • calculates GST/HST and PST
  • remembers “what did I do last time?” for expenses
  • reduces input errors
  • exports information for your accountant / tax preparer
  • ability to use USD funds, when purchases are out of country


The dashboard is designed to give you access to your numbers. It will compare what you did this year, versus what you did last year!  Nice to show you how you are growing. The dashboard gives you simple and easy-to-read numbers to help you track your growth.  It only gives you the numbers which are important!


Customize the categories that you use to track your sales.  You are given some standard ones when you start, such as supplies, professional fees, etc. But then you can add your own until your sheets look like you want them and they track the things that you need to know the most.


Automatically calculates GST/HST and PST.  You don’t have to search the receipts for the totals.  DIY Expense Tracker will calculate them automatically for you.

It can calculate two ways:

  1. Enter the amount. DIY will then add GST/HST and PST to the amounts.
  2. Enter the total amount. DIY will work it backwords to find out how much GST/HST or PST is in the total amount (such as fuel).

If you don’t have PST, then not a problem!  If your province does not offer PST, then it won’t even appear on the screen.

Export Accountant Ready Information 

You do the data entry.  Your accountant/bookkeeper does the taxes! DIY Expense Tracker is fully exportable for your accountant.  You can give them access to your files, and they can export the files to their own accounting, bookkeeping, or tax software. DIY Expense Tracker exports all files to a spreadsheet format. Working with the data in that format allows your accountant to easily see all your detailed entries. A great way to save money!  You can do the data entry….the part that takes the most time!


Access Anywhere

We are on online app…so all you need is a browser and you have access to your files.

"I had quite a mess from not doing my bookkeeping for a few years. They showed me how to input the receipts myself and I saved hundreds of dollars in accounting fees."

– Florence M.