Built by Bookkeepers. Made for Solopreneurs.

Expense Tracking Software for Home-Based Businesses.

**Canadian Edition**

Simple and Easy to Use

Bookkeeping is complicated and it can feel like a whole lot of drama to record your receipts!  Instead, you take them to a bookkeeper or accountant, and it feels like it costs you a fortune!

DIY Expense Tracker is built like a spreadsheet to make it easy to use for even the most “unsavvy computer user”.  In the end, it makes reports that your accountant or bookkeeper will love!

Record Your Sales

Record your sales from your clients so you can see your revenue.

Track USD and CAD Funds

Allows you to keep track of both Canadian and USD dollars.

Track Your GST/HST

Splits out the GST/HST so that you can do your CRA reports.

Income Statements

Simplistic easy to read profit & loss reports so you can track your profitability.


Export Your Details

Export the information for ease of transfer to your tax preparer.


Minutes a Day

It takes only minutes each day to properly record your receipts and track expenses.

Built by Bookkeepers. Made for Solopreneurs. 

Built by Canadian bookkeepers to give your tax person the information you need, yet make it simple and easy for the client to maintain their own income and expenses. If you are a “one-man show” with little bookkeeping needs, and you don’t mind entering your own receipts, then this is the program for you!

No Complicated Accounting Software. 

As a solopreneur,  one-man show, or very small business, you don’t need debits and credits and all that jazz. You just need to enter your receipts to keep track of your work and expenses. DIY Expense Tracker is built to be uncomplicated. Just enter your income and receipts, and you are ready to go! You will see how much money you have on an ongoing basis. And your tax preparer has the information they need in the right format!

Managing Your Bookkeeping Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

The longest and most expensive portion of accounting is the data entry.

If you know how to use a spreadsheet, then you can use DIY Expense Tracker.

DIY eliminates the errors that can happen in a spreadsheet and keeps you on track with only the basics that your tax person must have!

"I love that this program does not make me do the math, and I save money on accounting fees!"

– Brooke K.